Solutive – briefly in English

Solutive turns your data into valuable asset by making it visually appealing and instantly understandable. Through blending, visualizing and analyzing data from a wide range of sources we will find answers to the most pressing questions in your business. Turn your data into visual insights and bring your business to the next level with the help of our team of experts.

We are a ‘Tableau EMEA Partner of the Year 2015’ nominee and ‘Tableau EMEA Rookie Partner of the Year’ in 2014.

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Services for data-driven business

Tableau training

Tableau Desktop basic training (1 day)

This practical training is aimed at Tableau Desktop users with little or no previous experience. Anyone who wants to use data efficiently and visually regardless of their professional role or background can attend. You will learn the essential terminology and functionalities of Tableau, and will be able to implement your new skills immediately at your work.

The workshop can be organized for individuals or small groups within one company.

Tableau Desktop advanced training (1 day)

This training is aimed at Tableau Desktop users who already know their way around Tableau but want to deepen their knowledge and skills further. The practical exercises will focus on advanced map functionalities, calculated fields, parameters and data aggregation to enable more powerful visualizations and data storytelling.

The workshop can be organized for individuals or small groups within one company.

Tableau Data Management (1 day)

Tableau Data Management training will take you behind the scenes to learn the enablers of the visualizations: The Desktop and Server architectures, data connections, formatting and organizing data,  the operation, management and publication of data extracts, working with multiple data sources, and so forth. This training will be the most beneficial for Tableau Desktop users who already know their way around Tableau but want to develop their knowledge and skills further.

The workshop can be organized for individuals or small groups within one company.

Tableau Server for the Administrator (1 day)

This training is aimed at the technical administrator of the Tableau Server. During the workshop, Tableau Server will be installed, and the management of users, sites, projects and the rights to those will be covered in detail. You will learn how to publish and manage data connections. We will also cover the backup, command line and automation functionalities of the Server.

This training can be carried out for individuals or small groups, or as part of a Tableau implementation project.

Tableau Server for business users (1/2 day)

This training will be carried out in small groups and is meant for Tableau users who want to perform visual analysis either on their desktop or iPad. During a few hours the participants will learn the basic skills and principles with which they can modify existing Tableau views and dashboards, and create entirely new visualizations based on data sources published on Tableau Server. No previous experience from Tableau products is required.

Business Intelligence Services


Well thought-out data strategies add serious value to businesses and functions. With the right data in the right context, businesses will find previously undiscovered opportunities and make operations more efficient. Let us help you in forming a vision and a prioritized implementation plan for putting your data into better use.

Data warehousing and integration, custom applications

Although Tableau provides native data connectors to virtually all major data sources, sometimes you may need a database, a data warehouse or custom-made data integrations as part of the solution. Occassionally it may also make sense to approach data warehousing and processing with an application logic. We will build the necessary add-ins according to your requirements from data transfer all the way to the end user applications.

Agile development of Tableau solutions

In an agile mindset, we will implement custom Tableau solutions step by step towards the goal that we set together with you. A development list maintained by our project manager will set the order of priority and the pace of progress. Each step will be approved and the following ones agreed before proceeding, so that you will always be on top of the project.

Expert support in data visualization and Tableau software

Our Tableau-certified consultants are available for projects of varying length to perform specific tasks either independently or together with your team. With a trained professional you will accelerate progress and get to see results faster. We effectively combine an understanding of what businesses need from data with our deep knowledge of the wealth of possibilities with Tableau and data visualization.

Licenses and support for Tableau and Alteryx

Tableau helps people see and understand data

Tableau is a revolutionary tool for visualizing, analyzing and sharing of data – both small and big. Tableau’s usability is unparalleled among the existing BI tools, and it will make you productive from day one. You will get answers to your questions in seconds, and you’ll be able to utilize those insights in decision making right away.

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Repeatable Workflow for Self-Service Data Analytics

Alteryx is a leading software for data integration and advanced analytics. With an intuitive and visual workflow, you’ll get results in hours as opposed to the traditional time-spend of weeks. Everything happens without programming one row, whether it’s big data connections, data parsing and integration, or predictive analytics.

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